The concept collCapture21age here is envisaging an amalgam of all the desires endeavors and achievements, followed by still unfulfilled wishes, of a family. The ‘figures’ in the work are the family members- the ‘father’ in sombre blue the ‘mother’ in feminine scarlet, while the ‘children’ inherit the traits of both the father (indicated with blue hue) and the mother (indicated by the red hue), they are shown to be forming their own personalities yet in whites as they are yet to bend towards any shade. The blissful moment of the family where they always cherish playing a game together – ‘Tota udd maina udd’ – has been captured here. The peace that the family is shown experiencing is all because of the various gracious presences in their life. The blissful moment reflects upon all the

blessings being showered by the Goddess Laxmi symbolised by the ‘Lotus’ all the good omens on the right move , when the ‘kalash’ depicts the good omen that lies in the feet of the ‘grah Laxmi’ which is indicated by the ‘aura’ that is shown falling from her feet till beyond the ‘shubh kalash’.

The ‘flower’ blossoming in the feet of the children is reflecting all the efforts made by the parents in trying to secure the future of their children and help it b
e as floral as it could ever be. The ‘round pillow’ under the arm of the father is evidence to all the material comforts of today’s life. The relaxing ‘moon’ on the forehead of the father expresses the peace that he and the family enjoy in life. The moment of togetherness brings so much joy and contentment in their hearts that it seems that even the, otherwise inaccessible, ‘sun’ with all the sparkle in his eyes is trying to peep in and Lord Ganesha is finding it so irresistible, that he even sends his ‘ musha’ to participate. While the moment brings happiness for all it reassures the support of their respective families too, depicted by the ‘thumb impressions’ of all the family members around the ‘photo frames’ – with blue frame showcasing the father’s family and the scarlet frame of the mother’s family – Even the pretty pleasures of the children in the form of their’ toys and books’ have been taken care of and when all seems to be there, happy and blessed……. there still is a ‘door open’, a hope to find the ‘chirag – e – jinn’ one day, who could fulfil all …..Possibly all the wishes of us……the ever so greedy humans.